Dec 07, 2015

The Canmore MediSpa and Laser Centre


On Thursday 26 November, Dr. B travelled to Edmonton to train on a new filler that we would like to introduce to the MediSpa. Sculptra is quite different to the fillers that we commonly use (hyaluronic acid gels) as it works by stimulating and building our own natural collagen.

Sculptra does not give instant results but shows gradual results over a 1-2 month period creating a very soft and natural looking result. The other benefit is that Sculptra may last in excess of 2 years.

As part of the training, Dr. B had his own face injected so you will be able to see the progress in his appearance over the next few months. This is an exciting new addition to our practice that we are now pleased to offer. Copy and paste the following link to see how Sculptra works.


Category: New Treatments