May 01, 2016

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Improving the appearance of your skin: May 2016 Newsletter

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From the desk of Dr. Balharry...

As we age, so does our skin and, of course, the first place that this usually shows is our face. The main reason for this is the fact that our face is always exposed to the sun. This damages our skin, resulting in a loss of elasticity.  Also, our face has a lot of muscles of expression and function which create lines on the face. So, some of the things that we notice are lines and wrinkles, discolouration, volume loss and deflation. But, have you also noticed that our skin gets dull? The reason for this change is that the dead cell layer on our skin becomes thicker so it absorbs light creating a matte effect. Young skin reflects more light, creating a gloss effect..

Fortunately, there are things that you can do to help counterbalance these aging changes. Volume loss can be corrected with fillers and some wrinkles can be improved with BotoxBut how do we improve the appearance of our skin? Well, we have to think about changing the things on our skin that give the appearance of aging. We can remove much of the discolouration with light treatments such as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). We can improve the texture and tone with microdermabrasion.

But what if the changes are more advanced or these treatments don’t seem to help? That’s when we have to be a bit more aggressive. Again, fortunately, we now have treatment options that can help with these issues. We sometimes have to go a bit deeper in the skin to get the changes that we want. One of the first treatments and still used today is the chemical peel. This uses a chemical that is applied to the skin that carefully removes some of the superficial dead cells. Laser can be used to do the same thing and this allows us to accurately remove as deep a layer as we think is right. Fractional lasers break the laser beam into micro channels that can penetrate to a predetermined depth.  This stimulates new collagen in the skin and helps to break up patches of discoloration. 

These more aggressive treatments do have a bit more of a recovery time but the results can be worth it. We can help you to decide what the best treatment for your skin is. Remember though that the best treatment is prevention, so protect your skin from sun damage as much as you can. Don’t smoke! Have a healthy diet with a good intake of antioxidants, fish oils and essential minerals and use good products on your skin.
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Air pollution 
It contains PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons), which can lead to skin
cancer, dehydration, compromised barrier function, inflammation, loss of elasticity and firmness, and uneven skin tone.
Product buildup 
Heavy use of sunscreen and make-up without deep cleansing can lead to skin dullness, congestion and irritation.
Smoking just 1 can constrict blood flow in the skin for up to 90 minutes.
More stress can lead to more oil production, more redness and slower cell turnover.
Gina's Skin Care Tips...

Cutting down on the above toxins and adding a few aids to your skin care routine can help your skin look and feel instantly better! Dermalogica skin therapists recommend starting with a detoxifying masque like Charcoal Rescue Masque whenever your skin seems dull, lackluster or stressed.
Dermalogica’s NEW Charcoal Rescue Masque is an all-in-one treatment masque. It helps PURIFY with Activated Binchotan Charcoal by drawing out excess impurities and oil. It helps to BRIGHTEN with dual-action exfoliation; Volcanic Ash, Sea Silt and Bamboo extract exfoliate surface cells while Alpha hydroxy acids accelerate cell turnover. Sulfur removes dulling dead skin cells and fights breakout-causing bacteria leaving the skin REVITALIZED. Chilean Wild Mint improves skin texture and REFINES pores. Niacinimide CALMS skin redness and congested pores. All masques should be applied generously while avoiding the eye area.  If you use the Charcoal masque right before you go out, your make up will go on smooth and potentially hold better. Because of its detoxifying abilities it is not ideal to use one/two days before a big event as it may bring impurities to the surface.
Come in and purchase the Charcoal Rescue Masque at the Canmore MediSpa during the month of May and receive 21% off!
Masques give your skin the intense, nourishing care it needs to recover from daily skin health threats. Ask your Dermalogica skin therapist for more information and a complimentary skin analysis to find out which masque is right for your skin.


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