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Hair loss will affect 50% of males and 25% of females by mid life.  There are different types of hair loss but the two most common presentations are male and female pattern hair loss.  Male pattern hair loss is known to be caused by a combination of genetics and hormones (testosterone).  Female pattern hair loss is unclear as to its cause but is likely partly genetic and partly hormonal as we do see it more commonly after menopause. Men lose their hair usually starting from the front and receding back on their head whereas women usually find that their hair just gets thinner all over.
Hair loss can be very distressing so what can be done about it?  The first thing is to do something sooner rather than later as once a hair follicle completely dies, that’s it.  There are several tests that we do to check for potential causes and, if such a cause is found, treatment can be started. More commonly we do not find any specific abnormality.
Treatments then become a little less predictable but there are things that can help and often significantly.  Good scalp hygiene is important with good shampoo and conditioners.  Many vitamin and supplement remedies have been proposed but there is not much evidence to support any of these.  There are medications that can be used, some topically and some by mouth.  Topical medication such as Rogaine and oral medication such as finasteride are known to help.  Unfortunately, finasteride can cause some unpleasant sexual side effects for males.
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is obtained by taking some of your own blood, concentrating the platelets which carry our growth factors, then injecting these concentrated platelets in to the scalp.  This stimulates a healing process in the hair follicles.  This process can be repeated to improve the outcome.
A lovely new device has come on the market.  Theradome is a new laser cap for home use.  Caps have been available for a while but mostly consist of heating caps with LED lights.  Theradome is a well-researched device with multiple small lasers that penetrate to the depth of the hair follicle, stimulating its growth.  And it couldn’t be easier to use as it is just worn for 20 minutes twice a week, while you’re watching your favourite TV programme for instance.  No pain, no downtime and lasts a lifetime.  Ask us about it as they are available at our office.
So, the takeaway is – keep what hair you have with good maintenance treatments.

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Updates From Anna ...

Happy New Year, everyone!  All of us at the clinic would like to wish everyone the best in 2019.  Our 2019 year long special is 15% OFF Laser Hair Removal to any area AND 15% OFF IPL (Intense Pulse Light) to any area. This is a great promotion to encourage you to finally be rid of your unwanted hair and fix your skin’s discoloration and uneven skin tone.  We'd love to see you to discuss your options … book your free consultation today!
New at the Canmore MediSpa:  I am very excited to announce our new treatment, FIBROBLAST PLASMA SKIN TIGHTENING.  It is the new treatment everyone is raving about ... us included.  This treatment has become popular because it is a very effective spot treatment that can specifically target isolated areas of concern. 
With this treatment, I can actually target and treat your specific concerns such as upper eye lids, upper lip (those pesky fine lines that some people call 'smoking lines'), neck (also called 'turkey neck') and much, much more. Virtually anywhere on your body that has lost elasticity would be a great area to treat. The procedure even takes care of shrinking individual pore size, acne scars, skin tags, milial cysts, angiomas and (healthy) moles.
The primary reason to choose this treatment would be to specifically attack an area of concern. The treatment works by putting tiny injuries (burn marks) on the skin's surface in order to damage the dermis.  While the skin is healing, the healthy skin (the untreated skin surrounding each individual 'burn' spot) magnet together to tighten.  This process also produces collagen and improves elasticity.  After the skin heals (which can take anywhere from 7 days to 4 weeks depending on the area and size treated), your skin will look like you stepped back 3-5 years in time.  This treatment causes minimal downtime and optimal results.  Book a consultation with Anna today to discuss if this treatment is a good option for your skin concerns.

Healthy skin, Happy skin!