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Enjoy the simple elegance with soft classical music playing, a trickling water fountain and paintings from local artists on the walls, anyone walking into the reception area might wonder if they're actually in a doctor's office. The answer is yes - and no.

Our office is a "dual atmosphere". This unique environment combines the cosmetic and medical practice of Dr. Balharry. There is a significant difference between patients and clients. Patients are here because they need to be while clients are here because they want to be.

· We offer complimentary skin consultations

· Prices and policies are subject to change without notice

· Proof of Provincial Canadian Health Care will be required at time of consultation

Contact us

Tel: 403-678-5511

Fax: 403-678-2727

Email: reception@canmoremedispa.com


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday (every second weekend, please call to confirm) - 9am - 4pm


Parking available at back of the building - 901B Main St Canmore AB T1W 2B4

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The Canmore MediSpa & Laser Centre is keenly aware of the dramatic changes in the field of cosmetic medicine and we try to provide as wide a range of services and equipment as possible. Unfortunately, most of this equipment, particularly lasers, are extremely expensive to purchase and also have very expensive maintenance contracts to protect against breakdown and repair. The following is the current list of medical cosmetic equipment used at the MediSpa.

Vasculight Intense Pulse Light by Lumenis Removes brown spots, red spots, small blood vessels - skin photorejuvenation
Nubway V600 by Nubway Removes red spots, small blood vessels, small spider veins, cherry hemangiomas
XS Dynamis by Fotona

For the treatment of stress urinary incontinence (SUI), vaginal relaxation syndrome, snoring and fractional laser resurfacing to treat aging skin, acne scars, traumatic scars and more.

SilkPeel™ DermalInfusion™ by Envy Medical, Inc.

Advanced exfoliation and the delivery of condition-specific topicals.

Assists with making skin look healthier, smoother, and clearer - including:
• Clarifying oily, blemish prone or acne prone skin;
• Moisturizing dry, flaky patches or fine lines and wrinkles;
• Brightening red, or blotchy patches, skin that has been overexposed to the sun, or just needs a brightening boost.

BodyTite & Fractora by Invasix

Radio-Frequency Assisted LipoTightening (RFAL) for skin tightening & body contouring.

Lightsheer XC by Lumenis Laser hair removal. Still considered the ‘gold standard’ for hair reduction.
Blu-U by Dusa Emits light at 420nm wave length. Ideal for treating acne. Used with Levulan to treat acne and actinic keratosis.
MyLab 15 by Biosound e-saote Colour Doppler ultrasound for mapping and assessment of varicose veins.
Profect PhotoPro Digital Imaging System by Profect Medical Technologies Advanced digital photo imaging system designed to photo-document detailed before and after images of the skin with an emphasis on capturing conditions not visible to the naked eye.